About Firewater Response,llc


Since 1987, Firewater Response, llc. has been a family owned and run business, on call – 24/7/365 – to respond to any emergency disaster. We are steadfastly committed to providing such great services because, to us, our business is about more than just business. It’s about family. With our family’s reputation on the line, we take a great personal interest in seeing regular growths in success – for both our brand and its clients. We are 3 generations strong – which offers us a unique asset of life-times of expert experience, multiple age perspectives, and strong reliable ethics and trust.

Our professionally certified crews are like extended family and embody the company mission of nurturing, integrity, commitment and exceptionalism to mitigate any loss, acting quickly to avoid long-term damage. Our thoughtful approach to every crisis brings our clients the care and attention to detail that makes Firewater Response rise above our competitors.

We understand that each crisis that happens is unexpected to anyone – no matter how prepared – and we are thoughtful about how we approach all jobs to mitigate demolition, cost and the disruption in business each emergency can cause. We work day and night to get you back-to-business as soon as possible!

Green Technology

We offer the newest green technology to get your property back to full functionality with our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment allowing us to find and track moisture to ensure your facility is clean and dry.

The elimination of excess moisture is a very precise science. With our decades of expert experience and the latest in industry technology, we are able to calculate grains of moisture and relative humidity. Our infrared cameras allow us to detect moisture behind walls in order to quickly find the source and evaluate the extent of the damage with no demolition. The drying times of almost any material can be accurately calculated and monitored. These hi-tech, electronic data-collection instruments capture and record measurements at set intervals over a period of time in your building, which offers a more thorough & comprehensive representation of the moisture conditions and how we can address them.

Firewater Response has an extensive array of moisture control, air purification, and microbial decontamination equipment. We proudly offer hundreds of dehumidifiers and air movers, water extractors, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators , HEPA vacuums, and more.

Firewater Response will help to minimize construction using an injecti-dry system to dry out your walls from the inside.